Academy design

Norris Academy is rebuilding, starting from scratch and using the best models that fit the needs of our learners.

As we grow, we love to share the models and practices that work best. When we’ve established our promising practices from throughout the Academy, we’ll share them here.

Please excuse us as we build up these pages. We only want to share what works best.

Looking for something specific?

Academy 101: Our video series, explaining Academy language and the big whys behind what we do. 

Dimensions of learning: Learners are graded for competencies in four dimensions.

Competency progressions

Pathways to graduation: How can learners earn competencies?

Learning communities: No classroms? What does learning look like at the Academy?

Learner network: How do learners get the help they need from Academy staff and volunteers?

Learning design





Marks and grading

Learning at Norris

Extended learning design

Skill acceleration design: How are learners build up basic skills to get back on track?

Work-based learning design

Leadership council design: How do learners show their voice in the Academy?

Service learning design

Digital learning: How do learners use technology to progress their education?

Learner engagement

Zones of engagement

Community circles

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