Each learner at Norris Academy has a distinct, individualized pathway created to help him learn. Each learner has a network of support to help him succeed.

Assessment Specialists support learners initial transition to Norris Academy throughout the first month as they complete a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and develop a learner profile. The profile communicates who they are within the 4 dimensions of academic, employability, citizenship and wellness. Learners create a Who am I? profile presentation which synthesizes all of what they discover through surveys, lessons and mini explorations throughout the 4 learning communities to discover their learning interests, strengths, needs and skills and dispositions. From this process, learners make a connection and join a community.

Learning Specialists co-design learning plans, pathways and anytime, anywhere learning experiences with learners and provide opportunities for timely feedforward dialogue for continuous improvement. Learner profiles and conferring sessions provide the foundation for understanding learners needs and passions and ensure that plans and pathways are relevant and engaging. As learners progress along their path, learning specialists guide learners toward competency and course completion as well as life-long goals for futures beyond Norris.

Learning Coaches supports learning through active engagement with learners to reduce barriers, maintain learning momentum and provide personal support in the implementation of the personalized learning pathway. This can be in a 1-on-1 setting or a small group.

Community Coaches actively engage with learners to support wherever and whenever to realize each learner's’ personal plan and pathway. They help support learners in generating evident (proof) of learning and confer with learners to establish daily agendas, guide learners in identifying personal needs and to be a model of encouragement and self-regulation. They encourage problem-solving and critical thinking in learners to push them to think deeply about real-life issues.

Connection Coaches build relationships with new learners guiding them throughout Academy Orientation and help develop the skills and dispositions of successful learners. They establish a
sense of community by creating personal routines, including checking in with the zone of engagement and conducting circles to goal set and discuss self-regulation. Orientation Coaches assist learners in managing learning experiences by arranging schedules and familiarizing learners with learning, assessment and resource management tools. They engage with learners to coach through the barriers to Academy,
Employability, and Citizenship Orientation courses and diagnostics assessments within the Wellness Orientation course.

Skill Acceleration Coaches provide a low-risk environment for learners to work one on one or in small groups supporting skill needs associated with literacy and numeracy based on the learner’s diagnostic assessment. They support learning by capitalizing on interests and building enjoyment while connecting content to literacy and math. Skill Acceleration Coaches also host open lab hours where they support learner’s ability to build evidence within their pathways.

Learning Liaison engages all learning partners (learner, family, specialists, service providers, placing agencies, higher ed)  to develop the urgency story and monitor each pathway to graduation. They help align and coordinate community resources and other service providers to support each learner’s needs.  They also serve as the primary communicator between the District, agencies and families. Finally, the Learning Liaison teams up with learners, coaches, specialists and families to create aligned IEPs that utilize the strengths of learners to optimize outcomes by working within the Norris framework.

Resource Specialists develop arrays of Extended Learning Opportunities across the dimensions, match resources to learners’ personalized learning plan and pathway and promote relationships that foster successful anytime, anywhere learning experiences and growth in all 4 dimensions.

Global Resource Specialists support learners by providing and modeling the use digital resources and tools to learn, communicate, collaborate, explore careers. They support the integration of accessing information, content creation and curation with personal plans and pathways. Global Resource Specialists collaborate with learners and learning specialists to promote digital citizenship and problem solve around digital/technology resource needs.

Employability Specialists empower learners to explore and arrange extended learning experiences in careers that match interests. They provide an idea of what that career might look like from day to day and how the career connects to their desired lifestyle. Employability specialists conduct interviews with learners to practice skills and match learners in an internship to build and develop new skills. Following learner skills and interests, the Employability Specialists also arrange virtual job shadows ad career talks.

Citizenship Specialists assess citizenship competence awareness and create ways to engender citizenship values to promote meaningful leadership and community involvement. Citizenship specialists focus on self advocacy and coordinate circles to build leadership and maintain focus on the skills and dispositions of successful and engaged learners. They also guide learners to identify areas of interest to develop into a club or connect learners to existing clubs and collaborate with advisors and specialists to identify opportunities to meet academic competencies that can be achieved through participation in a club.

Wellness Specialists support learners by focusing on learner engagement and developing dimensional competencies. They assist learners in recognizing engagement readiness, self-regulation and developing strategies to successfully engage in learning while increasing grit and minimizing distraction. Wellness Specialist also supports learners in feeling comfortable with being able to express himself in restorative circles.

Extended Learning Opportunity Practitioners (ELPs) engage with learners through anytime, anywhere opportunities to develop skills within the context of real-life experiences and provides expertise in a field that they have mastered while transferring knowledge from one generation to the next.  This might be through volunteer or contracted experiences. ELPs might also be supervise learners in community or work based learning experiences.