Learner network

Each learner at Norris Academy has a distinct, individualized pathway created to help him learn. Each learner has a network of support to help him succeed.

Orientation specialist
The orientation specialist supports learners initial transition to Norris Academy through the first month, during the four orientation modules.

Learning specialist
The learning specialists take information about learners from their orientation phase and initial conferring sessions to understand who they are as learners. Then, we work together with the learners to co-create a plan and pathway to support them in pursuing their passions and interests. As they progress along their path, we guide them toward competency and course completion as well as life-long goals for their futures beyond Norris Academy.

Employability specialist
The employability specialist empowers learners to explore careers that match their interests and provides an idea of what a career might look like. The employability specialist connections learners to an internship to practice skills.

Citizenship specialist
The citizenship specialist assesses citizenship competency awareness and creates ways to engender citizenship values to promote meaningful community involvement and identify areas of interest to develop into a club or connect learners to existing clubs and collaborate with advisors and specialists to identify opportunities to meet academic competencies that can be met through participation in a club. Finally, the citizenship specialist teams with learners, coaches, specialists and families to create aligned IEPs that utilize the strengths of learners to optimize outcomes by working within the Academy framework.

Wellness specialist
The wellness specialist assists learners with self regulation strategies during learning in their community as well as in other parts of their life, assists the learners in recognizing when they are ready to engage in learning with minimal distractions.

Global resource specialist
The global resource specialist provides digital resources, instructional technology tools, promotion of digital citizenship skills and opportunities for including technology/digital tools into learning paths, demonstrated the use of digital tools and technologies for learning based career interests and works with learners and learning specialists to solve any digital/technology resource questions.

Communications specialist
The communications specialist leads learners in their communications-based internships as they serve as public relations ambassadors to the Academy, supports learners to meet standards in communication-based clubs and helps learners see how learning evidence can be shown digitally or through A/V productions.

Orientation coach
The orientation coach works with new learners by assisting in their learning and regulating process, establishes a sense of community by creating a routine and assists learners to overcome barriers as they are going through the orientation courses and the diagnostic assessments.

Learning coach
The learning community coaches support learners by engaging them in their plans and pathways with a variety of resources. This can be in a 1-on-1 setting or a small group. The coaches guide learners in identifying personal needs and model self-regulation.

Skill acceleration coach
The learning community coaches provide a low risk environment for learners to work one on one, supporting learning by capitalizing on interests and building enjoyment while connecting those interests to content. By providing open lab hours, skill acceleration coaches support learners’ abilities to build evidence within their pathways.

Advance care practitioner
The advance care practitioners help learners regulate themselves in various environments, help support coaches in the learning communities and build relationships with learners.

Extended learning practitioners
The extended learning practitioners share their professional expertise and support learner pursuits in authentic professional environments. These are the business and community partners who extend externships and jobs to Academy learners.