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Norris Academy is a small public school near Mukwonago serving the needs of learners from all different backgrounds.
Learn more about the Academy’s mission, vision and practices through our video series, Academy 101.
Norris Academy changes lives through the power of learning. Learners at Norris gain life, career and community experiences through an innovative approach that builds learner agency (ownership) and self-efficacy (worth) while addressing four dimensions: academic and career planning, employability skills, citizenship and personal wellness. Together these four dimensions lead to life, career and community success.
The Academy leverages educational, behavioral health and community resources to provide an integrated service for disadvantaged learners and their families. This educational service utilizes:
• A world-class diagnostic assessment that drives the learning experience;
• A robust learner profile, providing a comprehensive picture of the learner across the four dimensions;
• Competency-based continuums that provide a framework of learning; and
• Learning plans that identify relevant goals and personalized learning experiences.

Every Nor’smen at Norris Academy learns in a distinct learning community: business and human services; creative and communication artsscience, technology, engineering and math; skilled trades; discovery; and our four-week orientation community, which all learners experience.

Part of each learner’s progress at the Academy includes academic and career planning within their learning network, leaving them career or college ready when they leave.

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Phone: (262) 662-5911
Email: hello@norrisacademywi.org