Everyone—from our staff to our learners to our parents—has been so open-minded about what learning looks like during this moment. It’s made everyone feel like this isn’t all that bad. It’s business as usual. It’s learning. Link to Article
Ulcca Joshi Hansen is vice president of partnerships and research for Education Reimagined and previously served as vice president of the Public Education and Business Coalition. She began her career in the classroom as an elementary teacher in Newark Public Schools. Link to Article  
Barbara Bray had a chance to interview our very own Aidyn Grice!  Aidyn and Barbara met after he participated Ion the Learner Keynote Panel at iNacol in Palm Springs this last October.  Barbara was so impressed with Aidyn and how and what he spoke about his learning experiences she decided to let her followers take a deeper look.   Please enjoy the podcast and Aidyn’s view of his experiences as a learner. Link to Article
Whatever community you are in, you are bound to find something parallel and worth digging into. Learner-centered is a mindset, not a model. There is no designation—public, private, charter, or independent—a learning environment can bear that necessarily means they are operating with this mindset. If their work fits the distinction of what it means to operate within the learner-centered paradigm, we pin them to our map and explore opportunities to write profiles, conduct interviews, amplify the voices

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