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Every learner is different, and that’s why Norris Academy specializes in personalized learning. Our mission gives each learner a voice and choice in his pathway, making sure he’s invested in his education.

Norris Academy learners:

  • make personal connections to content and real world experience through learning networks;
  • collaborate in learning experiences that are anytime and anywhere;
  • establish essential routines for greater productivity and lifelong learning;
  • focus on self-discovery through diagnostic assessments and building a learner profile;
  • build excitement for learning in future through extended learning opportunities; and
  • understand personal cause and effect opportunities that lead to their current and future success

While at the Academy, learners develop skills to:

  • co-design learning plans and pathways that lead to future aspirations
  • problem solve, independently seeking support as necessary
  • share proof of their learning to teach others



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