Academic & career plan

Academic and Career Planning at Norris Academy equips learners with the tools necessary to make informed choices about their education and training needs as it leads to a future career.

ACP is a learner-driven and adult-supported process that spans from 6th to 12th grade. Learners engage in reflection in four dimensions – academic and career, employability, citizenship and wellness and develop a personal plan for their future. While at Norris Academy, learners take action to make that plan a reality.

Mission: Empower every learner to graduate with a strong understanding of their strengths and interests and equipped with the skills necessary to pursue learning and career opportunities that lead to a productive life with a satisfying career.

Vision: Learning is personal. Learning begins with the learner understanding Who am I? What do I want to do? How do I get there? From there, meaningful adult relationships are developed to create a network to design and support learning opportunities in all four dimensions.

  • Profile – Learners understand their own interests, strengths and preferences through a comprehensive profile and periodic surveys

  • Plan – A plan is created with short and long term goals to pursue learner’s interests so they can become informed consumers of learning and training required to meet their personal goals

  • Pathway – Learning specialists work with learners to design coursework, learning experiences and extended learning opportunities within the local and global community to support the attainment of learner’s goals

  • Proof – Learners demonstrate attainment of competencies and reflect on how learning in their plan and pathway are aligned to their personal career development and application

While at Norris Academy, all 6th through 12th grade learners enrolled more than three months will create a plan to connect their learning to interest and career pathways and co-design learning experiences that support college and/or career choices:

  • learners will take age-appropriate inventories and assessments that are available to families and other stakeholders.

  • learners will set personal goals and pursue learning opportunities aligned to these goals

  • learners will engage in co- and extra-curricular activities to deepen understanding of their skills, abilities and interests

  • learners will explore post-secondary options

  • learners in 9th through 12th grade will engage in financial awareness and planning experiences to pursue future college and/or career goals

The Norris Academy Advisory Board will conduct periodic meetings to inform Norris Academy staff of workforce needs and trends in the community that will lead to program development to prepare our learners for current employment and/or post-secondary opportunities.


Who am I?

Develop understanding of self


What do I want to do?

Develop individual goals


How do I get there?

Create a vision of the future


My unique plan for my future.


Identifying strengths Identifying needs Setting personal goals Setting academic goals Job fair participant & reflection Career research Updated resume Cover letters
Writing personal reflections Personality assessment Course scheduling Intentional sequence of courses Interviews of career experts Job shadowing Evidence of post-secondary option investigation Campus/post-secondary visits & reflections
Learning style survey Career interest inventories Setting career goals Creation of program of study through pursuits Work-based learning Internship or externship Applications to post-secondary options Leadership opportunities
Career cluster exploration ability profiler AP or advanced courses Elective courses Youth apprenticeship Service learning projects Financial plan Complete FAFSA
Skills and dispositions survey   CTE courses Dual enrollment/ YO/CO Work experience Personal financial literacy concepts Scholarship info Gather letters of recommendation
Competency/ credit attainment review iReady reading and math Extra- or co-curricular involvement Career academies Labor market analysis Career lab pursuits Mock interviews and reflections Choosing a post-secondary option
ASVAB FORWARD, ASPIRE, ACT, WorkKeys Industry or technical certifications Virtual or community-based courses Guest speakers/mentors   Decision-making reflection Panel presentation for graduation
Learners and specialists participate in on-going conferring to review, revise and modify academic, career and personal goals as necessary, modify sequence of courses and plan pursuits to align to goals.

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