Clubs & activities

Clubs and activities listed here are open to Norris Academy students.

Anime Club

Fannie’s Fantasy Football League

The league meets twice a week to review stats and game theory.

Norris Fit Squad

The fit squad works together as a team to inspire all Norris Academy learners to strive for better physical health. The squad is open to all students, regardless of ability.

News Team

The News Team meets three times a week to produce a daily news broadcast for Norris Academy students. The team is seeking one correspondent from each community to contribute in one newscast per week. Speak to the learning coach in your learning community to learn more.

Considering starting a club? Follow the instructions on that form and speak with your learning coach and the employability specialist.

Learn more about the why behind Norris Academy’s clubs and activities¬†here.

Academy clubs and activities are scheduled throughout the school day for our students’ best interest.