Norris Adolescent Centeris amulti-service youth treatment facilitywith programs that provide the necessaryservices for the youth and families we serve. Our treatment programs are designed to enhance the individual growth of each young man, developing an integrated, individual program to maximize effective personal development.

The Norris Programs include:

  • Specialized Programmingincluding AODA, Mental Health, Sexuality and Behavioral Treatment Programs
  • Residential Care, Group Home Living, Day School Programming, IndependentLiving Programmingand Outpatient Services
  • Individualand Group Therapy Treatment, Social Skill and Community Living Development
  • Family Therapy and Parenting Skill Development
  • Assessment of Youth Needs and Treatment Plan Development
  • Relationship Building Approach to Guide and Support Personal Growth
  • Extensive Treatment Services including Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Family Doctor and MSW Therapists
  • Experienced and Caring Youth Counselors
  • BeautifulCampus Environment in a Natural Setting
  • Therapeutic Recreation Activities including Rainbow Lake swimming, Fishing, The Ropes Challenge Course (High and Low Ropes),Athletic Fields, Gymnasium, Soccer, Softball, Weight Room, Tennis Courts,Bike Riding, Nature Trail Hikes and more…
  • Extracurricular School Athletics including Cross Country, Wrestling, Track, Basketball and Volleyball


Neil Norris