Norris School District empowers learners to develop the dispositions necessary to acquire knowledge and skills to pursue their passions, interests, and future to their fullest potential.


Norris School District is committed to an educational model where all learners are leaders exercising voice in creating relevant, powerful learning experiences to reach goals and competencies in the dimensions of academic, employability, citizenship, and wellness. Community and global partnerships provide a broad base of knowledge, skills, and expertise to support the needs of each learner.


Norris Academy fosters a culture of learning that focuses on learner agency and self-efficacy through the following practices.


Learners co-design learning experiences that capitalize on their preferences, interests and passions as they develop knowledge and skills.


Learners exercise choice in creating pathways that identify competencies or learning experiences that are most relevant to explore at a given time building on strengths and interests to make learning relevant and fulfilling.


Learners invest in their own learning by building an understanding of self and reflecting on who they are, who they were, and who they might become.

Innovation and Creativity

Learners consider new possibilities and develop creative ways to make something better.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Learners are empowered to ask questions and challenge ideas to make decisions and develop creative solutions to problems.

Connected Learning

Learners network and tap into the expertise of content and community experts to create new knowledge, obtain feedback, make learning purposeful and serve the community.