Clubs and Activities listed here are open ONLY to Norris Academy learners

Academy clubs and activities are scheduled throughout the day for our Learners' best interest.

Action Book Club

This club offers meaningful interactions and discussions between learners while exploring different areas of interests, build speaking and listening skills, creating a sense of belonging and having fun while reading.

Kiln Creations

In this club, you will learn how heat affects glass and clay to create beautiful objects using a kiln.

Anime Club

The Anime Club meets twice a week to watch anime, analyze the cartoons and learn the basics of drawing anime

Fantasy Football

In this club you will become the manager and marketing director of your team.  

Dungeons and Dragons

The purpose of Dungeons and Dragons Club is to explore the imagination and creativity of our learners with regard to a fantasy world.

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Interested in Starting a Club?

We want you to learn from the things that interest you!  To start a club, follow the directions on the Club Application (link below) and speak with your Learning Coach and the Citizenship Specialist:

Kris Koneazy

Kris Koneazy

Citizenship Specialist

Hometown: Milwaukee

Education: BA in Psychology/Business, MTEC;

Master’s, Cardinal Stritch University

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