"Changing Lives Through the Power of Learning"

Norris School District offers a variety of enrollment options at Norris Academy or Norris Virtual Academy. Enrollment at Norris commits learners to a learner-centric model of education where all learners are leaders exercising voice in creating relevant, powerful learning experiences. Developing LEARNER AGENCY is at the heart of the Norris model.


Norris Academy

Norris Academy is a learner-centric educational delivery system that leverages educational, behavioral health and community resources to provide unique learning experiences for learners across four dimensions; academic, employability, citizenship and wellness. Competency continuums across each dimension define necessary learning. Through reflection and assessment across the four dimensions, learners create a robust Learner Profile that they use to co-design personalized learning Plans and Pathways with Learning Specialists. Learners confer regularly with their Specialist discussing progress and gathering Proof on competency attainment. An interdependent Learning Team support each learners growth.

Norris Virtual Academy

Norris Virtual Academy empowers learners to develop dispositions necessary to acquire knowledge and skills to pursue their passions, interests and future to their fullest potential, while allowing flexibility to learn at their own pace, space and when it best fits their individual schedule. While parents or guardians, acting as learning coach, are involved in over site and guidance, each learner will work with a community of peers in conjunction with their Learning Specialist to meet their goals. Regular interaction with the Learning Specialist is conducted through email and on-line meetings.



Residential Enrollment

Learners residing within the 900 acre Norris School District may enroll downloading forms from the link below or by stopping in the Academy office at W247 S10395 Center Drive, Mukwonago or by calling 262-662-5911. 


Non-Resident Tuition Agreement

Norris accepts out of district placement of learners as authorized by s.66.0301 by entering into a tuition agreement with the placing district. Placing districts are typically responsible for transportation.

For Tuition Based Placements;
Please Contact: Johnna Noll



Open Enrollment

Families normally apply for open enrollment for the following school year during a three month open enrollment period which begins in February and ends the last weekday in April. However, 2011, Act 114 established a procedure for enrollment outside the the normal open enrollment period. Families are responsible for transportation.