Welcome to the Norris School District

Norris is a public school district located in rural Waukesha County, southeastern Wisconsin. Norris is home to an innovative learner centric educational service model that “changes lives through the power of learning”. At Norris, learning is viewed in four dimensions; academic, employability, citizenship and wellness. The foundation of the Norris model engages learners in diagnostic assessments, surveys and self reflections across all four dimensions so that learners develop a deep understanding of self. Learners use this understanding to build a Profile that they use to confer with members of their learning network to establish Plans (goals) using a multidimensional competency framework. Learners use their Profile and Plans to co-design Pathways that identify when, how and where learning will take place. Finally, learners reflect on their learning experiences, identify growth and make adjustments to their Plans and Pathways. Throughout the process learners are expanding their learning network by leveraging educational, vocational, behavioral health and community resources to self advocate and realize their goals. This cyclical process empowers learners to build confidence in who they are and who they want to become while deepening learner agency (ownership) and self-efficacy (worth).

Johnna Noll
Executive Director
Norris Academy

We are committed to an educational model where all learners are leaders who
develop a deep understanding of self to exercise voice in creating relevant,
powerful learning experiences to reach goals and competencies in the dimensions
of academic, employability, citizenship, and wellness. Community and global partnerships provide a broad base of knowledge, skills and expertise to support
the needs of each learner.

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